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Record a session

This article provides information on recording a session using the PitcheroGPS tracker.

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Before the session

Before the session, please ensure the following:

  • The tracker has enough charge (if fully charged the battery should last up to 6 hours).
  • There isn't an existing session stored on the tracker.
    • If there is an existing session stored on the tracker, see this related article for transferring the session to your account on the mobile app.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Turn the tracker on by pressing and holding the button on the tracker until the lightning bolt bar fills completely.
  • The PitcheroGPS logo will show before changing to a white flashing signal icon. This indicates the tracker is searching for a GPS signal.
  • Once a GPS signal has been found, the signal icon will change from white to green, then a green runner icon will flash. The tracker is recording the session.
  • Place the tracker in the padded pocket of the vest or base layer. Start your session!

During the session

During the session, keep the GPS tracker in the padded pocket of the vest or base layer. Only remove the tracker from the vest or base layer once the session (or your involvement in the session) has ended.

If you feel the tracker vibrate during the session, it indicates a significantly high impact (e.g. a big tackle/fall). This could be an indicator to have a rest or to speak with a coach/medic of the team.

After the session

Once the session has ended, remove the tracker from the padded pocket of the vest of base layer, then turn the tracker off by pressing and holding the button on the tracker until you see a countdown icon, then press the button once to confirm. The tracker will then turn off.

The session will be saved on the tracker ready to be transferred to your account on the mobile app.

If the tracker is low on battery, put it on charge before attempting to transfer the data of the session to your account.


This section covers common troubleshooting queries:

  • Unable to turn the tracker on
    • Check the battery has sufficient charge. Try charging the tracker to see what shows on the tracker screen.
    • You need to press and hold down the button on the tracker (feeling the click) until the progress bar fills completely. If you let go when the progress bar shows, it won't turn the tracker on.
    • If the issue persists, please check for any visual defects with the tracker before contacting our Support team directly.
  • Unable to get a GPS signal
    • The tracker requires a strong GPS connection to find your location and get accurate data (down to a minimum of 3 metres). The tracker needs to be in direct view of the sky to get a GPS signal.
    • Try turning the tracker off and back on again.

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