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Managing PitcheroGPS IDs, tracker numbers, and assignments

The article provides information on managing the PitcheroGPS tracker IDs, tracker numbers, and assigning trackers to players using the web app.

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Tracker IDs and numbers

Each tracker in your PitcheroGPS kit has a unique 6-digit ID listed in the bottom right corner of the tracker screen (visible after the tracker has been turned on - tap the button once to display the ID)

Each ID corresponds with a tracker number (listed at the top of the tracker screen) which can then be assigned to an individual player in the team (with the player's initials also listed on the tracker screen).

Tracker IDs and the corresponding tracker numbers are allocated to your team in the Web App as part of your account setup, before receiving your PitcheroGPS kit.

Tracker numbers need to be assigned to players once you receive your PitcheroGPS kit. This can be done in the Web App and synced to trackers via the Transfer Tool before recording your first session.

Coaches can unassign or reassign trackers to different players at any time using the Web App.

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