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Using the transfer tool

This article provides information on transferring session data collected on your GPS tracker(s) using the transfer tool.

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Once you have captured your team's training session or match data, you'll be ready to upload this for analysis. 

Before transferring the data, we suggest checking the following:

  • All of the GPS trackers have been returned from your players.
  • All of the GPS trackers have been turned off so the data recording has been stopped.
    • To do this, press and hold the button on the front of each tracker, then press the button once to confirm.
  • The GPS trackers should be returned to the case for safekeeping and to be charged. 

You can then proceed with uploading your data.

Transfer session data

Step-by-step guide:

    • Using the charging dock
      • Connect the charging dock to power using the USB-C cable and adapter plug provided. 
      • Insert trackers into the charging dock (all trackers should now show as charging).
      • Trackers with a stored session will display the green file icon on their screens when charging. 
      • During a session transfer, trackers will individually show a green file icon with an arrow to indicate the session is being transferred.
      • After the session has been transferred from an individual tracker, the tracker will erase the session file and then power down.
      • The tracker will then return to a charging-only state.
    • Using the Transfer Tool
      • Open the Transfer Tool on your desktop. 
      • Login to your PitcheroGPS account (if not already logged in). 
      • Select your team from the list (Or go to Settings > Change Team)
      • Make sure the dock is connected to your laptop/desktop using the USB-C cable provided. 
      • On the main Transfer screen, click "Scan" - a list of connected trackers will appear. 
      • Select trackers to transfer data from using the tick boxes on the right-hand side of the screen. 
      • Click "Transfer data"
      • Enter the session details (session name, location, session type) and click "Submit"
      • Trackers will start to transfer data individually in ascending order, based on the tracker number. Do not remove trackers from the dock whilst they are transferring data. Do not close the Transfer Tool while a transfer is in progress. 
      • The status column will show progress for individual trackers.
      • Once all trackers have transferred their data, click "Go To Dashboard" to view and analyse the session data in the Web App.

    Sync trackers with the Web App

    Any changes to players and their assigned trackers are made within the web app. The trackers will need to be synced with the Web App, using the Transfer Tool, in order to pull through these changes before the next session.

    Step-by-step guide:

    • Complete any changes in the Web App.
    • Open the Transfer Tool.
    • Click "Scan" - a list of connected trackers will appear. 
    • Click "Sync trackers" on the transfer screen.
      • Syncing is only possible when all connected trackers have no session data stored on them.
      • If any trackers have a session stored already, transfer or erase the session data first.
    • All trackers will now update to display the correct assignment information.

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