PitcheroGPS Web Application - Overview

What is the PitcheroGPS Web App? 

Session data uploaded via the transfer tool is stored locally on the coach's desktop before being uploaded to the web app. All historic sessions and data can be fully viewed within the web app, allowing coaches to monitor their team’s and athletes’ performances over a sustained period of time, drawing unique comparisons and insights for the team as a whole or on an individual player basis. 

Key Features and Metrics

  • Core performance metrics, including; 
    • Total distance and session length 
    • Speed thresholds and customisable speed zones 
    • Max speed 
    • Accelerations and Decelerations 
    • Impacts 
  • Create splits to break down training sessions and matches into smaller windows of analysis.
  • Compare players to see who’s outperforming the rest of the team and who might need to up their game.
  • Review the team average across core metrics to help with benchmarking and setting team-orientated goals for improvement.
  • View individual player heatmaps to see hot activity areas and whether anyone was caught out of position.
  • Review historic training sessions and matches over the course of weeks, months, and years to monitor team and player gains.
  • Assess whether players are over or under-training to help prevent injury and support rehab for athletes returning to play.

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